Alba aka ‘Scotland’

Alba aka ‘Scotland’ has one of the best landscapes in Europe.We had a short trip of 4 days with the first day in Glasgow /Edinburgh and the rest of the days in  Isle of Skye.

In Edinburgh City while wandering to find a parking place I found this Statue

In  Edinburgh we first visited the  Castle.

A tip to all who want to go there, is book your tickets in advance from this site (maintained by Castle Authorities) well in advance, so that you save minimum of 1 hour time that you would have spend in queues. You might also want to visit Portobello beach

This is the view of Edinburgh city from the top of the Castle and the small lawn garden in the left used to be the cremation place for the Royals dogs.

It is now more of a habit for me to take pictures of foot paths.

On day two we started our journey to Skye. We were going from Glasgow through the Loch Lomond National Park.

View of Loch Lomond . Loch means “Lake” in Scottish\Irish.

Long ahead on the other end of the road lies our destination !!!

Did I tell you that I love taking pictures of roads !! Well it is then 😉

Wandering in the long roads in search of something !!

Enough of roads , okies now some landscapes 😉

And here we have the Loch ‘es again 🙂
A beach near the Staffin Bay , the place we enjoyed the max on our trip.

It rained heavily when we reached there and in 5 minutes the sun came out and the outcome was this beautiful rainbow 🙂

This was our final destination in Scotland. As with other places the post code took to a place from which we have to drive another 2.5 miles to reach this parking lot.


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