Weekly Photo Challenge : FOREIGN

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is FOREIGN .

It’s quite subjective as to what is Foreign. For me each and every person has his own space and anything which creeps into that space can be called “Foreign” . For this week I have some photos and they are based on the idea of something which made me feel that I am a foreigner. There was not much  time I had to spend as a foreigner in Thailand/Malaysia for I was able to relate to many things I saw/experienced there to my Homeland India.

Tuk-Tuk , As they call this vehicle in Thailand  is the same AutoRickshaw or  “Auto” as we call  in India. Compared to Auto’s in India their counterparts are very much open and airy. Now this Tuk-Tuk made me feel little more homely and happier. Yes, look at the ad “Little INDIA” restaurant in Bangkok.

Beaches  , Yes there are quite lots of beaches in India, and me being from the “Gods Own Country” as they say beaches are nothing new. But this beach made me feel that I am in a foreign land, for their beautiful crystal clear water and white sand. A rarity in India unless you are in Andaman or Lakshwadeep Islands. Now as I have never been to both of these places, this one is quite Foreign to me :)

Shot from Beras Basah Island Langkawi


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