This weeks Jakes Sunday Post is “CITY“.

Yes from childhood I was fascinated with cities for I was born in a small cute village. Big cities were a rarity in Gods Own Country (yes, that’s where I was born). The nearest city was Kochi (Cochin). It used to give me a peculiar pleasure while travelling through the Kochi town during the evenings. I believe that in evenings a city actually shows up its true color. The big advertisement boards and those neon lights , the headlights of vehicles , big illuminated buildings , those used to give me some kind of pleasure un-tell-able. I grew up and visited lots of cities and today I would like to tell about a city in the state of  Washington DC in United States – “Seattle“. Its not my hometown, I don’t live there now, I have not lived there for months or years. But Seattle would be special for me.

Seattle is the first city I have been to in a foreign land. My first Journey abroad from India ended in Seattle. The first and only city I have visited till date in United States.  I have been there only for a week but that was enough for someone who from his childhood was fascinated about going abroad.

I bought my first camera a Canon 110 IS from Seattle in 2009  and this was my first picture.

For the first time in life I saw a road which had designer tiles 🙂

A street in Seattle and there goes the Yellow Cabs

It was also the first time in my life that I saw such tall Buildings everywhere and for the first time I stayed in the 37th floor of a hotel.

This was my first experience in a monorail and its very clear from the perfect picture I guess 😉

This is Space Needle, one of the biggest attractions of Seattle a place from where you can see the whole of Seattle.

For lots of reasons Seattle will hold a special remembrance in my Life.


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