This weeks Jakes Sunday Post is “CITY“.

Yes from childhood I was fascinated with cities for I was born in a small cute village. Big cities were a rarity in Gods Own Country (yes, that’s where I was born). The nearest city was Kochi (Cochin). It used to give me a peculiar pleasure while travelling through the Kochi town during the evenings. I believe that in evenings a city actually shows up its true color. The big advertisement boards and those neon lights , the headlights of vehicles , big illuminated buildings , those used to give me some kind of pleasure un-tell-able. I grew up and visited lots of cities and today I would like to tell about a city in the state of  Washington DC in United States – “Seattle“. Its not my hometown, I don’t live there now, I have not lived there for months or years. But Seattle would be special for me.

Seattle is the first city I have been to in a foreign land. My first Journey abroad from India ended in Seattle. The first and only city I have visited till date in United States.  I have been there only for a week but that was enough for someone who from his childhood was fascinated about going abroad.

I bought my first camera a Canon 110 IS from Seattle in 2009  and this was my first picture.

For the first time in life I saw a road which had designer tiles 🙂

A street in Seattle and there goes the Yellow Cabs

It was also the first time in my life that I saw such tall Buildings everywhere and for the first time I stayed in the 37th floor of a hotel.

This was my first experience in a monorail and its very clear from the perfect picture I guess 😉

This is Space Needle, one of the biggest attractions of Seattle a place from where you can see the whole of Seattle.

For lots of reasons Seattle will hold a special remembrance in my Life.


Weekly Photo Challenge : FOREIGN

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is FOREIGN .

It’s quite subjective as to what is Foreign. For me each and every person has his own space and anything which creeps into that space can be called “Foreign” . For this week I have some photos and they are based on the idea of something which made me feel that I am a foreigner. There was not much  time I had to spend as a foreigner in Thailand/Malaysia for I was able to relate to many things I saw/experienced there to my Homeland India.

Tuk-Tuk , As they call this vehicle in Thailand  is the same AutoRickshaw or  “Auto” as we call  in India. Compared to Auto’s in India their counterparts are very much open and airy. Now this Tuk-Tuk made me feel little more homely and happier. Yes, look at the ad “Little INDIA” restaurant in Bangkok.

Beaches  , Yes there are quite lots of beaches in India, and me being from the “Gods Own Country” as they say beaches are nothing new. But this beach made me feel that I am in a foreign land, for their beautiful crystal clear water and white sand. A rarity in India unless you are in Andaman or Lakshwadeep Islands. Now as I have never been to both of these places, this one is quite Foreign to me :)

Shot from Beras Basah Island Langkawi

Alba aka ‘Scotland’

Alba aka ‘Scotland’ has one of the best landscapes in Europe.We had a short trip of 4 days with the first day in Glasgow /Edinburgh and the rest of the days in  Isle of Skye.

In Edinburgh City while wandering to find a parking place I found this Statue

In  Edinburgh we first visited the  Castle.

A tip to all who want to go there, is book your tickets in advance from this site (maintained by Castle Authorities) well in advance, so that you save minimum of 1 hour time that you would have spend in queues. You might also want to visit Portobello beach

This is the view of Edinburgh city from the top of the Castle and the small lawn garden in the left used to be the cremation place for the Royals dogs.

It is now more of a habit for me to take pictures of foot paths.

On day two we started our journey to Skye. We were going from Glasgow through the Loch Lomond National Park.

View of Loch Lomond . Loch means “Lake” in Scottish\Irish.

Long ahead on the other end of the road lies our destination !!!

Did I tell you that I love taking pictures of roads !! Well it is then 😉

Wandering in the long roads in search of something !!

Enough of roads , okies now some landscapes 😉

And here we have the Loch ‘es again 🙂
A beach near the Staffin Bay , the place we enjoyed the max on our trip.

It rained heavily when we reached there and in 5 minutes the sun came out and the outcome was this beautiful rainbow 🙂

This was our final destination in Scotland. As with other places the post code took to a place from which we have to drive another 2.5 miles to reach this parking lot.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Together. Due to lack of time I couldn’t take any new photo or check my old photos but while I was checking the pics in my iPhone I saw this one which I took couple of weeks back and is my entry for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge. This picture was taken from the High Street in Staines (Marginally outside London)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

This is my entry for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge. I took this picture from Isle of Wight. This was the first time I saw a Pebble Beach . Not sure whether it was man made or natural. This place is one of the must visits in Isle of Wight. The place is in Alum Bay (the needles)

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